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Why is fishing so great? Well, for starters, it is one of the most versatile hobbies out there. It can be as relaxed or as energetic as you want it to be, and the range of different fish species you can catch when angling is almost endless. For some, the idea of a perfect fishing day is to be sat by the edge of a lake catching coarse fishing species like roach, bream or tench. Others prefer the stealth and skill required to stalk trout or salmon when fly fishing. Some like to attempt to fool predator fish such as pike, perch, and zander with lures of different shapes and sizes, whereas the most dedicated anglers may wish to spend several days angling by a river or lake in pursuit of monster carp or catfish that lurk in the deeps. And all of these are just some of the freshwater fishing styles. For those who live in close proximity to saltwater there are plenty of sea fishing options they can undertake – whether catching small species mackerel, huge hunters like halibut or fast-moving speedsters like sea bass – fishing has something for everyone. 

Fishing store for enthusiasts

No doubt you are already somewhat of an angler yourself, otherwise you probably wouldn’t have visited Fishdeal. We are one of the fastest-growing fishing shops on the internet and we have an extremely wide range of fishing equipment available at great value-for-money prices. We are not like other angling stores, at Fishdeal you become part of our fishing family – by signing up to our fishing store, you will receive exclusive daily deals straight from us with unbeatable discounts on fishing equipment that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Looking for a new carp fishing outfit with items like rods, reels, bivvies, bedchairs and rod pods? We’ve got you covered. Need a new feeder fishing set-up to help you catch more fish than the angler on the next peg? We can help. What about a new fly fishing rod or some fly fishing line that can help you stealthily approach wary trout without spooking them? We have that too. In short, no matter what kind of fishing is your favourite style, you will be able to find products to make your angling easier, more comfortable, and perhaps most importantly, more successful.

Fishing store for beginners

One of the other great things about angling is that we can join the fishing club at any point in our lives. While it might seem complicated at first sight, you can quickly learn how to go fishing and how to catch fish with relatively little practice. Some anglers have been so since they were small children, often having a relative or parent to thank for introducing them to the sport. Others only discover the joys of angling later in life when they are looking for ways to relax and enjoy quality time either alone or with friends and family in the great outdoors. Angling can take you to some wonderful places that you might never go without it. Think of quiet mountain rivers filled with jumping wild brown trout, or large peaceful lakes where specimen carp hang out in big numbers, how about the hungry predator fish that frequent the urban rivers and canals of our towns and cities? No matter where you go, if you are an angler, you take fishing with you everywhere. If you’re not an angler already, then you really don’t need much kit to get started. A fishing rod and a fishing reel are two of the essentials. These can be complimented with fishing line, and then either bait or lures or flies, depending on the kind of fishing you want to do. You’ll need a fishing net to ensure you can land your catches safely and return them without harming them. But these are just the basics, the world of fishing has become hugely advanced in recent times. It’s no longer the basic pastime you perhaps thought it was. Fishing is just as filled with modern gadgets and products with innovative features, materials, and technologies as anything else. Spend some time browsing the Fishdeal fishing store and you will likely discover angling products you probably never knew existed (and that you never knew you needed). 


As well as the products that you need for angling, we also supply a range of accessories and associated items in our angling shop that will help make the overall fishing experience better. Think of comfortable and warm clothing for when the temperature drops in winter, bellyboats, kayaks and other watercraft for helping you reach fishing spots that you can’t from the bank, or even fish finders and sonar to help you judge what the world under the water looks like to help you increase your chances of success. With some basic research, you will definitely be able to find items to make your hobby far more enjoyable – and if angling is new to you, it might make you realise that it is much more exciting and engaging than you ever knew. One simple fact that tells you everything you need to know about fishing is that those who do it, usually do it for life. Angling is a lifetime habit, one that brings out the best in all of us.

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